Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bebengism First Time Giveaway

Who wants a Longchamp bag? No, not something you can buy in your local tiangge. To check if your Longchamp is authentic or not, might as well consider a few things as told by the owner of Bag for Babes, which you can read here. I compared the bag below to one I have my sister gave me, and yes, mine's fake. For those new in the blog giveaway world, like me, I know you're dumbfounded. I'll be using Rafflecopter to be fair. I won't be picking a winner for my personal consumption, though I would want to. Say, I'd be picking my daughter's nanny and have the prize salary-deducted. Of course, I'm kidding. I want to celebrate this first with all of you, my dear Bengoloids, and we'll make it very, very fabulous. ♥ Just follow my instructions in the widget below and let's wait for July 31st as I will announce the lucky winner in my Facebook page Bebengisms. This contest is open only to Philippine residents with valid shipping address. Should the winner lives within Metro Manila, I'd be more than glad to meet up with you and have our picture taken. The winner will still be validated and notified by email.

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