Thursday, February 2, 2017

Register, Answer and Earn

Being a full time housewife wanting you to earn in every way you can. There is an urge that you want to ear even in small amount. Now a days almost all people have their own computer, own internet and even smartphone.

As an housewife I want something to do on my free time after I am done with all the chores and things around the house. So I find something that makes me busy during my free time.

I joined online contest and be an online Freelance as well. Then a friend invite me to this certain survey site that you can earn money (not that big).

I joined a lot of survey site but the one I really focus on is the AIP Online Survey.At first I was having a hard time getting points and answering the survey because I not that eager to do it. As time goes I didn't notice that I have enough points for me to have the payout and exchange it with a Gift Certificate.

Right then I did my payout and after a month the Gift Certicate was delivered to my doorstep. Although the amount I payout is not that big still its free and can use it on anything I wanted to. 

Once you register in AIP they will email you every now and then for the surveys available for your profile. Each survey has a equivalent points. But in order for you to have a payout you need to accumulate 2500 points (parang ang laki diba) but really its easy. For each surveys the you can get 250-500 points depends on the survey points.  

1 EPoints = 0.1 PHP

Try it.. Wala namang masama diba..

Check their website for more details AIP

If you have questions you can comment below. I can help you.